Create DIY Seed Paper From Old Papercrafting Scraps!

The sun is shining and theres no much better time to add some colour to your landscape– whether thats a garden, deck or a pot on the windowsill. Provide somebody you like the gift of growing flowers with these simple to make Do It Yourself seed paper notes– made from recycled paper!

You Will Need:

How To Make Recycled DIY Seed Paper

Step 1:

Rip stamp-sized bits of paper and place in a bowl. I utilized around 4– 6 A4 sized notepads, to make 4 cards. Feel complimentary to mix up your paper colours; light colours are best.

Step 2:

Gather around 1.5 L of water, and use a hand blender to mix this till its great and pulpy.

Step 3:

Location the hoop on a towel.

Pour another 2L of water into a big storage container, and pour in the pulp mixture. Place your tule in your embroidery hoop, offer the pulp a good mix, and after that use a scooping action to choose up the pulp on the tule.

Step 4:

Remove the embroidery hoop so youre entrusted to the tulle, and sprinkle on a lot of seeds.

Step 5:

Put on another piece of tulle, and then strongly present the paper, eliminating as much water as you can.

Action 6:

Leave to dry for 24 hours, and after that cut the card to size. Decorate with stamps and vegetable based ink (you can also utilize food colouring) and provide to someone you enjoy!

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