Dollar Tree Country Girl Wreath

This craft tutorial shows you how to make a country-themed doll wreath utilizing products from the Dollar Tree shop or a similar warehouse store.

What you need

wire cutters,

cable television ties,

craft sticks

Dollar Tree silk fan

kids sun hat

childs set of socks,

white lace ribbon,

2 stems of flowers

synthetic hair or wool

A big thank you to Julie Kaisershot for sharing her photos of this fast summer season wreath task.

I highly suggest utilizing E600 glue for all of these jobs as it is quick and strong drying.


The next action is to take your sun hat and decorate it with flowers or ribbons, and connect it to the fan.

For additional stability for your Girl wreath, I suggest utilizing a little pizza pan or wreath as a base. This will offer it a little more strength. For the socks, the exact same thing applies, these socks have been added to the fan, however you can also add a mall amount of filling to give the socks dimension and or some thick card for stability likewise. You do not desire your country woman wreath flapping bout in the summertime breeze.

< Start by taking your Dollar tree fans and securing them open, this is done by gluing them across the back or glue a craft stick across the back to stop it from opening. Dont forget to add your hair by intertwining some wool and gluing it under the hat, You can also add straight hair to your Country fan woman wreath if you like, or curls utilizing cut-offs from a doll wig. This nation woman wreath tutorial is so simple to follow along. It is used one single fan however you can use several fans to produce a tiered dress design.