Get Creative with Cardboard

We recently read an article that referred to cardboard as “beige gold” (in that case due to the fact that it was being taken from companys recycling bins and resold) and we couldnt agree more! A good piece of recycled cardboard can be turned into creative tasks and numerous crafts..
Get In UNBOXED: Adventures in Cardboard from our friend Eleanor Ford of Mini Mad Things. This fantastic book is everything about utilizing what you need to create something new, which is a message we 100% agree with! Eleanor is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to complete the very first print run of this gem of a book. UNBOXED has lots of ideas, techniques, and inspiration for kids to get creative with cardboard..

Get In UNBOXED: Adventures in Cardboard from our friend Eleanor Ford of Mini Mad Things. In a world of limited resources and growing consumption we want to encourage the innovative use of easy recycled materials, like the simple cardboard box, to produce play. My preferred job from the book is the ART HOUSE, it truly encapsulates what my new book, UNBOXED is all about. Its about taking something simple, like a simple cardboard box and creating something new; in this case creating something quite special. Each of the children involved in the photoshoot for the book were given art bricks to decorate, each brick ended up being a private work of art which we then utilized to embellish the exterior of the house.

What was the driving force behind developing UNBOXED?
As you discussed, UNBOXED is about using what you need to produce something brand-new. In a world of finite resources and growing intake we wish to encourage the innovative usage of basic recycled materials, like the modest cardboard box, to create play. Motivating our little ones to repurpose what they already have is not only fantastic for our world, it also needs innovative thinking to see new possibilities beyond the original function, helping our children end up being the resourceful developers of the future.
Do you have a memory of crafting with cardboard, or another recycled product, when you were growing up?
Growing up my brother or sisters and I invested a lot of time making, utilizing the materials we had around us to produce fun. We were taught how to utilize proper tools properly from a young age and provided the flexibility to produce and likewise the freedom to make mistakes.
Where do you search for inspiration?
My kids supply me with all the motivation I need. Im constantly surprised by the incredible creativity and imaginations of young kids.

If you had to pick one project from your book as an all-time favorite, what would it be and why?
My preferred job from the book is the ART HOUSE, it actually encapsulates what my brand-new book, UNBOXED is everything about. Its about taking something basic, like a simple cardboard box and developing something brand-new; in this case producing something rather unique. This house truly was a collective task which we produced over days together. Each of the kids associated with the photoshoot for the book were offered art bricks to decorate, each brick became a private artwork which we then used to decorate the beyond your home.
What message do you have for kids and their parents today who are searching for crafting inspiration?
Dont be afraid to simply take a crack at, Its not about making something quite or perfect (the very best things generally arent), its about exploring your imagination, analytical and embarking on your creative journey. You might start with the concept of making a cardboard house but then discover yourself on an underwater voyage in a submarine!

We had a possibility to catch up with Eleanor and get a preview into the book– keep reading for more. And head over to Kickstarter to support the book and snag a copy of your own!

When the book is launched in October, back UNBOXED today and start conserving up your cardboard for!
PHOTO CREDIT: Belinda Monck Photography.