No Sew Sock Octopus

This craft tutorial reveals you how to make an octopus without having to sew it. It is made using socks from Dollar Tree.

What you need

2 pairs of striped socks- Dollar Tree

1 bag of rice- Dollar Tree

Scissors for cutting material (makes it much easier).

2 Ziploc plastic bags (sandwich size).

Felt Heart Tree Ornament.

Next put the bag inside of the sock and mold around to form a ball for the head.

SpiderMan Pouch.

Fill each Ziploc bag with half of the bag of rice. Zip tight and cover around itself.

Using a hair tie (or rubber band) tight around as sometimes are you can.

Next using the scissors, cut the sock down the middle so you have halves, then cut the halves in half, then cut them again so you have 8 legs.

Guidelines: These are for if you are making 2 octopus.

Glue Gun.

Hair ties- Dollar Tree (you might use rubber bands if you want).

Santas Mobile Phone Cozy.

Utilizing your glue gun glue on the googly eyes.

I cut a piece of ribbon about 8 inches long to tie a bow around the neck of the octopus.

Ribbon of option- my own was from dollar tree.


Googly Eyes– Dollar Tree.