Pink and Gold Floral Bridal Wreath

This craft tutorial reveals you how to make a sensational wreath utilizing a kind and some flowers. This wreath is ideal for a bridal shower or child shower.

What you need

Gold wreath kind (I got it from michaels, on sale and using a 20% discount it pertained to $7.50).

2 Dollar Tree Pink Dahlias.

2 Dollar Tree White and Pink Peonies.

Once the entire area is covered, include a percentage of hot glue to the eucalyptus end and add around the outside of the wreath.


Utilizing the wire cutters, cut a few pieces of the eucalyptus to add as accent pieces.

Eucalyptus Bunch (Walmart).

Next using the hot glue weapon, glue around the bottom part of the flower around where the stem would be and place in between the gold wired, the flower will fit right in and stay glued. I didnt do a genuine pattern to the flowers simply where I believed the colors looked best.

< Wire Cutters. Start by eliminating all of the flower heads from the stems, they should simply pop straight off.. Hot Glue Gun.